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Aug 01, 2011 eNewsletter Issue - 306
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Should You, Can You, Get Off Coumadin?
Some important facts to be very aware of, including what you can do. 
ADHD: Where There's No Cause, No Need for a Cure? Know Your Risk Factors.
If you suspect you or your child has ADHD, take some time out to discover the underlying causes and then put together a plan of treatment by using some of these natural treatment methods. 
Downward Health Spiral Syndrome (Post Surgery)
Ways to prevent your health from spiraling downward after surgery. 
 Killer Drug Alerts: Avandia, Coumadin Recall "Code Red” and More
How to know when your taking prescription and over-the-counter drugs under a false veil of safety. 

Jul 25, 2011 eNewsletter Issue - 300
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Cholesterol Deceptions
From Eggs to Statins, What Your Doctor Didn't Tell You About Cholesterol 
Why Diseases are Like Weed Seeds in Your Yard:
How to Push Them Out, Cut Them Off, Stop Them Before They Take Root 
Why Do We Kiss?
(Hint: It Has Nothing to Do With Love!) 
Have You Ever Had Complex Complexion Issues?
Poor body image, low self-esteem and lack of confidence are just some of the challenges people suffering from acne deal with on a daily basis. Take back control of your life, skin and emotional health by practicing these eight simple and natural lifestyle changes. 

Jul 18, 2011 eNewsletter Issue - 294
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Health Clues: Heart Concerns to Look For
3 EARLY Heart Disease Warnings Signs to be aware of, 16 signs of more imminent Heart Disease and Heart Attack, and the best route for Heart Disease Prevention  
The Dental Antibiotics Deception
Why you may be putting yourself at risk if you take precautionary antibiotics as a preventative measure due to a heart condition prior to your dentist visit.  
Can Your Body Heal Itself of Disease.... Including Cancer?
How to use your diet and emotions to heal your body  
Outrage and Lawsuits Emerge Over Fixodent
Is Zinc in Denture Cream Damaging Your Neurological Health?  

Jul 11, 2011 eNewsletter Issue - 288
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Memory Loss Epidemic
Is your memory at risk? Do you know your risk factors? 
Hydrogen Peroxide vs. Bleach
Which is the better household cleaner? Is there an even better option?  
Super Dangerous Kid's Football Head Injuries & Strokes!
More than 55 percent of high school students participate in athletics. Why high school football players and others are at increased risk of catastrophic head injury! 
10 Riskiest Foods Revealed
Which Foods are Most Likely to Make You Sick? 

Jul 04, 2011 eNewsletter Issue
©2011 Health Realizations, Inc. 

8 Deadliest Superbugs Found Daily in Hospitals
Every year 48,000 Americans die from a hospital-acquired infection -- an infection they DID NOT have when they entered. How to avoid becoming another one of the growing statistics. 
"Sittosis" New Study Reveals Skyrocketing Death Rates from "Sitting"
How your TV & PC are dramatically increasing your risk of death... 7 Ways to Live Potentially Decades Longer and Healthier, Adding Years to Your Life! 
Eight Key Nutrients to Help Prevent Breast Cancer -- and Where to Find Them
One in seven U.S. women has, or will develop, breast cancer during her lifetime. Annually, 1,700 men are diagnosed with the disease and over 460 men will die of breast cancer this year. 
Exploding Alzheimer Rate Linked to Diabetes, and Cancer
Every 70 seconds someone develops this debilitating and fatal disease – and by 2050 the Alzheimer’s Association estimates this will increase to one person every 33 seconds. 

​Jun 27, 2011 eNewsletter Issue - 283
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Shocking Truth: Not All Cholesterol is Bad!
Cholesterol Deficiency vs. Cholesterol Deceptions (There is "Good" and Bad Cholesterol) 
Women, Sex and Diabetes
Are You Suffering in Silence? 
6 Life Changing Successful Habits
How to Rebirth Your Health, Wealth, Personal Success, and More 
Misleading Label Dangers
How to avoid cheap supplements and dangerous imitationsand when seeking and or needing healthy high-quality beneficial supplements  

Jun 20, 2011 eNewsletter Issue - 281
©2011 Health Realizations, Inc.

Good Fats to Feel Better Vs. Fats Causing Depression and Heart Disease
Why Even Skinny People Need to Know Their Fat 
Equanimity in Turbulent Relationships
Why Equanimity is the Secret to Relationship Success
How Juices and Soda Create Major Health Problems
Weight Gain, Diabetes, Hyperactivity, Gout and More... Why soda and diet soda may be your prime culprits for obesity, diabetes and Hyperactivity Too!
The Little Known Danger of Computer Printers ... and of Other Common Office Machines
If you're unlucky enough to be sitting next to certain computer printers in your office, you may as well be sitting next to a cigarette smoker, according to new research from the Queensland University of Technology in Australia. 

Jun 13, 2011 eNewsletter Issue -256
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How to Sleep Away the Pounds...
Remarkable weight loss insights... Why you gain weight by NOT Sleeping 
Cancer Mistakes: Fixing Them Before Effected or Fatal
A significant number of cancer cases could be prevented each year by following these important suggestions.  
Secret Social Stalkers - Are You Giving Away Your Info to Stalkers?
How to Stop unknowingly disclosing and or revealing your personal information Now!  

Jun 06, 2011 eNewsletter Issue - 254
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11 Power Foods to Boost Your Immunity
Foods that can help you not wake up with a scratchy throat, body aches and an overall run-down feeling 
6 Health Reasons to Add this Superfood to Your Diet
All About Beets: Why They Can't be Beat for Your Health, Plus "Tasty" Recipes 
7 Ways to Get the Most out of your Next Doctor's Appointment. TOP Questions to ask your Doctor
Find out the seven steps to take to achieving a successful visit with your doctor and print out this list of well-researched questions to bring with you. 
How to Not Get and STOP Dangerous Gum Disease
Your teeth are not the only part of your body at risk if your gums become diseased ... 

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