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Vampire Facelift®
There is usually an increase in volume immediately after the procedure. However this is mainly due to a volume effect from the injection. The initial increase in volume is due to the platelets, the blood serum and the growth factors released by the activated platelets. You should expect this to reduce considerably over the next 2-3 days. Most people will start seeing the result of the actual regeneration of the tissues in about 6 weeks – a noticeable improvement in shape, tone and texture. The maximum result is usually seen at 3-6months after the injection. 

Adopting or continuing with healthy lifestyle and self-care habits can enhance and prolong the results of the Vampire Facelift.

So, if the Vampire Facelift in conjunction with healthy habits does what it should, then using it on the face should result in all of the following:

Immediate volume increase

Restore more youthful-looking shape

Restore more youthful-looking volume

Improve tone

Improve texture

Rejuvenate new and younger tissue

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